Psychotherapy: A journey within


Do you sometimes feel that life is not going your way? We all have aspirations and goals, but sometimes we feel that external circumstances, people around us and even our own emotions get in the way of achieving these. So what do we do? Do we sit back and watch the life unfold at its own pace or do we take charge by understanding what makes us who we are and then take on life’s challenges head on?  


Life’s journey is never as simple or without any obstacles. Many changes in life, big or small,  tend to throw us off balance. These could be:

  • Death or loss of a loved one
  • Divorce or break-up with a partner
  • Traumatic events such as crash, accident, sexual abuse, rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Changes within a family setup or the way in which you are treated by your own family or the in-laws.
  • Change of or loss of a job or bankruptcy or discrimination at work
  • Illness: ongoing or terminal.
The journey within  is a process that will help you to understand or attempt to put things in perspective when things are not going your way, or when  life seems like an endless challenge without a respite.
The journey within is a process of self discovery, but more important than this, it is process of accepting and embracing change that will enable you to go with the flow of life without struggle.